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Exhibition at

The  Gallery, Mayfair, London

7th August - 12th May 2007


     A season in India changes dramatically and with it the lives of the people. 

      In the present exposition the suite of paintings that represent an Indian summer share, despite their very individualistic and therefore distinctive styles, an inherent joie de vivre, in the choice of colour-palette or mood. In India, as the scorching sun sets alight the skies, the vast desert tracts, forests and glades reverberate with joy. lt is Baisakh, the beginning of a new year and to bring in an auspicious year, there is singing and dancing at festivals like Bihu in the East or Baisakhi in the North. The trees are abloom with bright gulmohur jacaranda and tesu.

      Inspired by the presence of colour in the skies, in the paddy fields, in the life of people around them; the artists appear to have dipped their brushes in the purples, crimsons, greens, yellows and blues, giving expression to their feelings, associations and memories.ln these paintings and sculpture, we share some of those thoughts.

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